Does Anyone Really Love Their Enemy? (503)

bscottJesus told us to do it, but is there really any group of people on the planet actually loving their enemies in a tangible way? That nagging question led Bob Scott on an incredible journey beyond the borders of traditional Christianity and to an amazing group of people in Zimbabwe. Don't miss this incredible story, it's tragic end, and what it meant for Bob to process his own disillusionment with God over it all, which he recorded in his book, Saving Zimbabwe. Brad is back and this time with reinforcements as he introduces his longtime friend to Wayne. Bob has been just behind the curtain on a number of significant movements for the past forty years and shares how all that has shaped his life.

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  1. The following is a quote from a friend, Joe Goodman. He was for a time the field director of a mission organization. They had some members kidnapped and then murdered. A trial that taxed his faith.
    The quote, ” The neatness of theory is no match for the mess of reality.” I would add to that, A false paradigm can only be revealed by a good mess.

  2. Oh my God! I mean that in the literal not blasphemous sense. What a story. I’m so sorry that this happened to Bob and just as sorry there was no one capable of sharing his loss and suffering with him at the time. How could anyone process something like that as a 30 year old? I’m glad he eventually found the help he needed and is now able to share his journey with us. I appreciated his raw honesty and am looking forward to the next instalment.

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