Pour Some Love Into It (#557)

There is no situation that you are in with any other human being that pouring love into it won't help. That thread runs through two emails that Wayne reads to Brad about God's ability to pour out his love when it most surprised people. Then they tear into an article in TIME Magazine about the connection between virtue and leadership. Current research shows that leaders who display authenticity, modesty, and a concern for others will lead them to cooperate ruin, while the vast majority of research shows that narcissism and lack of concern for others are better indicators of success. What do we make of this in view of a kingdom that transforms us to be more loving in the world? Does that mean we'll be less successful in the world's systems?

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TIME Article: Good Leaders Don't Have to Be Good.
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  1. A sobering podcast to say the least. Brad has talked about the ‘truth in packaging’ when it comes to being a Christian. Nothing more truthful than a secular magazine laying out the truth about leadership. Luke 14 is a primer for anyone who has considered being a Christian. Had I known what I was to go through, I would’ve never became a Christian at all. But somehow God’s love and grace has covered me. It was those early nudges, before I knew any better, that was key to my whole salvation. I believe everyone is given opportunities by God to love, serve, and be transformed by Him. But it does take courage. But nary the courage it took for God to send His only son to Earth, only to be mocked, ridiculed, and killed by a world He so wanted to desperately save.

  2. And God also still loves those who do go through with abortion. I’ve had two and know that God loves me. I don’t say that flippantly, but as one who knows that God has been with me throughout my life through all the good and the bad. I used my experience to help counsel women at my last church who also had experienced abortion in their lives and it was life-changing for them. Most, if not all of them, carried the shame of their deed from many years prior and to have someone come along and walk the road with them and help them to experience God’s love in an area of their life that they hadn’t previously known, was life-changing and freeing for them. It’s not that some women don’t regret their decisions, but it is possible to know and feel God’s unchanging love for us even in our lowest moments versus how man would have has to feel like gutter trash forever for our decisions. Either God’s word is true or it’s not. But we attach so much to it; so many conditions, addendums, etc.

  3. Pouring love in sounds easy, but like the closing comments: ‘It makes you a sucky businessman but a wonderful brother. ‘
    Being a wonderful brother is what I’m on this planet to be. It’s my purpose. But it may not pay the bills!
    This last summer I spent (in the UK) decorating but I didn’t earn much because I placed as much weight on blessing and encouraging my customers as on earning money. I kind of complained to the Lord that I wasn’t earning enough and I got the assurance that I was being and doing just what He wanted me to. I’ve not be without, and my needs are being met. My Chinese wife would rather see a steady income, and has been cheesed right off with me! So yeah, being a sucky businessman does cost you.
    But to be honest, it’s no cost at all. When you give love, you receive love back. Not necessarily from those you give it to. Or maybe as you pour it, it gets you on the way out.

    It did occur to me: some may need to receive love from the Source of love, before they can give it. Until we’ve tasted the God kind of love, we may not know how to give it.

  4. Thanks for sharing Robin. Im in a similar position as you are, watching my income steadily decline over the last decade precisely because of choosing to love over protecting the bottom line at any and all costs. My needs are being met as well, though I had to make a difficult financial decision to enable those met needs to continue. Thankfully my decisions affect only a small part of the bottom line, not the whole of the business. I don’t know if I was in business for myself, I wouldn’t be in the same position as you are, or worse. At least you can go to bed each night with a clear conscience, knowing you have your customers best interest at heart, not trying to take advantage of them simply to make more money. And that is a huge thing in terms of God’s kingdom.

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