Want to See the Shack With Us?

First, a brief announcement about this week's podcast Brad and I discuss the movie ARRIVAL toward the end of our conversations. It is in theaters now. If you'd prefer to see the movie before hearing our discussion, you may want to see it in advance of listening to that podcast.

Now for the God Journey Premiere of THE SHACK movie If you are interested in attending a private showing with Brad, Wayne and our friends and family. We will gather in Thousand Oaks, CA on March 4 (or maybe on February 25). Cost will be about $8.00 per ticket and you can register your interest on our Facebook Event Page. Space will be limited. We will make tickets available on a first come/first served basis. Right now we're trying to get a sense of how large a theater to rent.


  1. It’s sad that you write as if the USA is the only country in the world. We here in the UK have read the Shack, discussed it, and had many seminars on it’s meaning. It was an amazing help to me as my wife died of cancer 6 years ago when I first read it. It would have been nice to acknowledge us and others outside the USA who would have course loved to see a preview of the film but can’t possibly get to the USA.

    • I’m sorry John you feel as if we’re not aware of how this book has touched the world. We are. And I’m so sorry, too, about your wife’s passing. I can’t imagine that kind of loss, though I’ve friends go through it, and it touches me to know end to know that this book we had a part in helped you in that season. I’ve been to the UK and discussed it with many people, and almost every other country. So, please, don’t take offense. If it helps, there are many people around the US who are equally frustrated that we are only doing it in Los Angeles… Most US people can’t get here either. But this is where we live. If others want to host a showing elsewhere, let us know and we’ll see if Brad and/or I can get there for to hear how other people are touched by it. The film is opening worldwide, however, so you should see it about the same time we do….

      • Hi Wayne
        Please forgive my grumpy comment earlier- it was out of order! Probably envy because I’ve been longing for the film to come out and it has but I have to wait! I’m hugely grateful for its impact and in fact for your continuing impact on my and others journey away from Christendom and further into the love of the father for me and those around me. With love and blessings. John

        • No problem, John. I understand. We’re all excited, but just so you know It hasn’t come out yet. The only thing that is out is the trailer and you can see it on line. The movie does not release until March 3, 2017 and it should be in the UK then or shortly thereafter. A few people have seen it in studio screenings in a few towns to get consumer feedback, but even Brad and I have not seen those. We all have to wait until March!

  2. Mmmmm… $8 for the movie, $450 for the return plane ticket, $300-400 for hotel, $2000 for a bodyguard (Canadian woman in LA for the first time, Figure I would need one.)

    I would love to come… It’s just a little out of my budget range to fly to LA for a movie night. But I would be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind. I will catch it up here. Tempting offer though.

  3. Hello The God Journey,
    you say the film will open worldwide, which is fantastic news. Do you have any idea when the film will become available to everyone and will it be available as an dvd or at the same time ?. Downloads seem to be the way forward, it is quick and easy , also everyone can have access to the content at the same time rather than the film only being shown in selected theatres. Selected theatres in the Uk usually means London . The book changed my life , I was a new Christian when my friend gave me a copy and have read it more time s than I can remember . I am very much looking forward to seeing the film.

    • Releasing a movie by a major studio never has to do with the convenience or desire of the consumer, but the ability to maximize profit for the studio. Thus, it will be released however they deem best, which usually means in theaters first, then some time after that in DVD or streaming. I don’t think this is a small “selected theater” opening, even overseas. This is as large a release as Lionsgate does, so it should be everywhere pretty quickly in theaters. Or so I’ve been told.

      • That sounds great, I have watched the trailer, it all looks exciting. I am telling everyone I know that the film is due for release next year and looking forward to the film being in theaters everywhere. As you say it has the backing of a major film company.

  4. I am planning to re-read The Shack this winter. After having experienced many deaths in my extended family and the death of my wife 3 years ago I still am a bit shell shocked over it. And once you put on the grief glasses, everything looks different, and you begin to see grief in movies and books that you had never noticed before. When I saw the preview clip that has the God figure saying “I was there all along” I knew I had to revisit the story, for after all is said and done, that was the bottom line for me as well. Something tells me that a re-read and the movie will contain another layer of healing for me. God bless you guys for having a part in its writing.

  5. I, like Doug Buettner, am going to re-read ‘The Shack’ this month – January ’17. This way, when the movie does come out here in Southeastern NC, I’ll be ready…. sitting with bated breath and unimaginable patience.
    So, after reading ‘The Shack’ the first time, whooo boy! My heart was bouncing and leaping! The JOY I felt towards God was and is unmistakably awesome! To see such unbearable sadness turn to joy and the experience of experiencing God face to face is just rewarding! I can’t wait! Thank you so much for creating a story that touches the deepest part of my heart and for those that are grieving I thank you also for the comfort those folks have after reading this most uplifting story!

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