The God Journey Israel Adventure (#569)

The boys are back from Jordan and Israel reflecting on their time with 32 others from around the world who joined them for a two-week odyssey. While they talk about the sites that most impacted them they also share some of what they learned and reflected on while there. You'll hear about Mt. Nero, the rock city of Petra, Galilee, Jerusalem, and the dungeon under Caiaphas' house where Jesus would have spent the night before his crucifixion. They also talk about the joy of watching total strangers become of family of friends over the course of their time together, with a wonderful mix of deep sharing and healing, along with moments of absolute hilarity.  Don't miss Brad and Wayne's videos from the Holy Land, listed below.

Podcast Notes:
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  1. My wife and I are off to Israel in March (my third / her second visit) and I agree that it is a bit strange to see the reactions some have when going there, but who am I to judge the ecstasy of others? As a former Southern Baptist deacon, born and raised in Alabama, emotion – especially in a spiritual context – is a definite taboo.

    I find Israel to be beautiful country with great food, art, cultural diversity and amazing history but I never felt any closer to God there than anywhere else I’ve ever been around the world or at home. At first I thought that I was just spiritually dead (and maybe I am – who can say) but I’ve come to believe instead that God isn’t in just one place, he’s with me and everywhere.

    Sorry you had some less than pleasant experiences with some of the caretakers at the sites. I was blown away when I found out that the key to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is maintained by a Muslim family to make sure there is a neutral party controlling the front door since the Armenian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox and Franciscans can’t get along. That to me sums up Jerusalem and the Christian sites. I just got back from Saudi Arabia on business and the Palestinians have the friendliness of chatty North Dakotans in comparison.


  2. When Brad was talking about Mount Nebo, I was remembering that Jesus’ name is the same as Joshua, hmmm.
    And also got to thinking about the cross. It was a curse–no-one should be suspended with neither feet on earth nor head in heaven–hence Absalom, hence Judas Iscariot. And does Jesus’ saying about drawing all to Him refer to all people or to all evil–are we snakes or children of Adam? The cross that Constantine saw was vertically long and horizontally short–had much the shape of a sword with scabbard. That was the sign with which he said that he would conquer the world.

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