Brad and Wayne’s Excellent Adventure at the Premiere

Though we are no longer in NY, this was our last video before we fled for the airport, and below it is the first outtake. In some ways historic. Don't miss it.

After 570 podcasts and some 10 videos, I can count on one hand the number of times we've had to stop a recording and start over--a "Take 2" as they say in the biz. Yes, that amazes us too. We almost never talk about anything before we hit a "video" or "record" button and yet we fall into an easy rhythm when we do.

That's why this is historic. It's incredibly rare that someone bails on a Take One, but it did happen yesterday morning. Brad had me totally flustered.

Podcast Notes:
Don't miss our other NY videos: From Central Park and from Times Square,


  1. PAH! Awesome. It’s great to have you guys back together after so long of Brad being away. The banter and love is always good to see. Thanks for so many years of shining the Light as i have walked through the wilderness. Can’t wait to see the movie.
    – John, Columbus, Ohio

  2. Where’s the photos of you and your wonderful wive’s in all your “glad rags” as we say over here?! Rejoice in the response that the film is receiving.

  3. Thank you to both of you for your parts in the development of the novel and the film. I re-read the book in anticipation of seeing the movie when it opened. The first time I read the book there was quite a few places that cast eye-opening light on areas in my life that needed to know the touch of Papa et al. This second time reading it wasn’t as emotional in a gut-wrenching manner, but was calmer and more solidifying. The years between the first and second reading have seen a lot of challenges and a lot of changes in my life so it was interesting to read the book again. There were so many dialogs that I liked reading again.
    My son came to visit on Saturday with the express purpose of our going to see the movie together. He has read the book and at a time when he felt an urge to review it, he subsequently listened to an audio version of it. We both enjoyed the movie and had some good conversation about it, the book, and aspects of both that our minds were pondering. It was an afternoon showing, and although the theater wasn’t filled, the audience was in step with the movie with reactions to different parts being heard throughout the crowd. At the end of the movie, there was a pause followed by an outbreak of applause.
    I hope a lot of people attend a viewing and are brought to a clearer understanding of the value of an unadulterated and more personal relationship with Papa, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I will be going to see it again this week to take a friend who doesn’t drive and who rarely gets out to the movies. I have been talking about The Shack to her and she has expressed an interest in seeing it.
    Thanks again.

  4. As a follow-up to my last comment. I watched The Shack again this week. I took a friend who grew up in the RC church organization. She doesn’t attend services and doesn’t read the bible or any ‘religious’ groups. We had to wait around for the second showing that night because the first evening showing was sold out! 🙂 She really enjoyed the movie and was still talking about it the next day. I asked her what the biggest take away was. She said it was about the forgiveness… Mack learning to forgive himself, Papa, his father, and the killer. I want to purchase the dvd when it comes out. My friend watches movies more than television shows. I think she would definitely watch it again.

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