Genuineness And the Machine (#582)

Wayne's back from Michigan and Wisconsin including a visit with some prisoners there. Brad's back from a Seven Mountain Conference, so they have lots tot all about and most of it circles back to how putting our trust in a system will easily lead us astray from the reality of living inside of Christ. They also look at an article by Jen Hatmaker about here being crushed by the Christian Machine for not adhering to the party line, which many of us have suffered though for different reasons. Everyone seems to want to use the machine for their own gain, without realizing how quickly it can turn and devour them. Genuineness, however, is the best antidote to being caught up in it, and to reach out to those that are already.

Podcast Notes:
Jen Hatmaker's Good Friday Blog
You can find our latest update on our work in Kenya here.
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  1. Wayne, Now come on! Who can tell if another systematized, monetized and worldly god labeled box can save the world? Yea…some things just smell from a mile away. Most that looks good on paper, well… Academic philosophically organized banter. that’s what the world needs? Good for you Brad, there’s no way I could that anymore, makes me want to hurl! Man sounds like the expectation carpet has been yanked from underneath the lady, religious leg sweeps really do hurt. This could be the smell her nostrils need right now. The stench of man’s efforts has a way of opening ones eyes; helping you see the reality that’s always been there. I do desire for her to come out the other side knowing she is loved. God is so awesome in the way he reaches out to us.

  2. The talk about Seven Mountain intrigued me, especially Wayne’s reaction and not being familiar with it, I went digging, and happened to unearth Brad in action behind the pulpit. At the risk of ‘outing’ you Brad all I will say is I was very impressed and moved.

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