Hijinks from the Cliff Tops

Last week Brad and Wayne hosted a reunion of those who went with us to Israel last year, at their request. The first day we took a whale-watching trip out to Santa Cruz Island and hiked up the bluffs overlooking the deep blue Pacific Ocean. And there some hijinks ensued...


  1. Curiosity question ?? Has negative humour got any place in God’s Kingdom ? I believe that we should be continually building & encouraging each other in word & deed. Am I wrong ? Am I missing something that I don’t understand yet ?

  2. Hi Trevor. I think we always have to be carful how humor is heard. If we are laughing at someone else’s expense, or to the pain of others, obviously that isn’t funny. And of course what is innocent and funny to one person may be taken differently by another. It is not an exact science, for sue, but we each need to follow our conscience in matters like this and not impose it on others. In the context of the relationships this weekend, I think people would say they were very much encouraged in the journey and that humor was a part of lightening the load.

  3. Dude,
    I’m with Wayne on this one. I can fly a plane, but I don’like standing on the edge of high places. Haven’t grown any feathers yet. Jesus did accend into the air and he helped Peter walk on water, but I haven’t heard of anyone else doing it. It all looked like great fun to me. Thanks for doing what you do.

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