A Reluctant Traveler (#631)

Have you ever felt God inviting you into a new opportunity, but instead of being excited about it, you feel a bit reluctant? That's Wayne's dilemma as God seems to be opening doors that have a bit of a déjà vu feel to him. Brad helps Wayne sort through the process here as he starts down a familiar journey. Reluctance doesn't mean unwillingness, just an eyes-wide-open approach that realizes what's at risk when you follow him beyond your current comfort zone. They also talk about pride and how it blinds us to the way God leads, and how much humility can open doors not only to recognize Father's leading, but also invites others to wholeheartedness.

Podcast Notes:
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  1. Good topic / title..

    I am going through new phase on my journey.
    As I reflect on spiritual / ministry journey ( 45 years),
    I see His guidance / leading.

    With His strength and grace, I press on..
    – As a reluctant traveler.



  2. The comment about the 30% who are not invested in reasonable solutions reminded me of the famous New Yorker cartoon where two dogs in business suits are sitting at a bar, strategizing: “It’s not enough that we succeed. Cats must also fail.”

    (Wayne – “Cats Must Also Fail” would be a great chapter title!)

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