A Celebration of Friendship (#787)

It's as unlikely a friendship as one might imagine—a man from Mexico who crossed the border illegally as a twenty-one-year-old and the son of a white, Republican farmer from Central California. Their story is laced with incredible miracles and desperate challenges, which Wayne will be sharing in his new limited-series podcast, My Friend Luis. It will launch on February 16, 2021. In this episode of the God Journey, Wayne introduces Luis as they talk about their friendship, how it began and grew, and how the other has shaped the trajectory of their spiritual journeys. It's a conversation between two friends as they talk through some of the important issues of our day, and a celebration of how God's love triumphing over all obstacles.

Podcast Notes:
My Friend Luis Podcast
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  1. Wow, incredible podcast! Wayne, you have some very cool friends! My husband and I just finished listening to your conversation with Luis. Absolutely loved it and are looking forward to the upcoming series. The conversation was so uplifting. People who live their lives unafraid with open hearts and open hands, engaging with others, just loving others who cross their path. Allowing the relationship to unfold naturally, no pushing or pulling, effort without struggle. I appreciate so many things you and Luis shared today, thank you. It was great!

  2. Thank you Wayne and Luis for sharing the beginnings of what I anticipate will be more of Christ’s transforming love. The comment by Luis of “when you know God’s love for us you have no need to reach for anything else” was most profound. Thank you. I will be chewing on that for a long time. Also the friend he had in despair made me think of what Christ’s disciples must have felt when Christ was crucified. Despite all that He taught them they were still looking at things in a temporal way rather than in a real way – eternal kingdom coming. So they fell into great despair until He rose from the dead and filled them with His Spirit and hope eternally. When we slip into earthly mindedness we despair until God gets us to refocus back on things above so we regain the hope of His kingdom that has come. When my son died at almost 7 years old so did all my expectations of what I thought God would have with my relationship with my son. But over time realized to trust that God had a better plan. So will be praying for Luis’s friend to trust God and His eternal purposes as it is revealed to him in his daily life, even though it still deeply hurts.

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