Are We Headed for a Race War? (#798)

Unfortunately, we don't often recognize unfairness when we benefit from it. Generosity, however, will allow us to see it when affects others we care about. As Kyle and Wayne recorded this podcast, the jury was just handed the case of the police officer charged in the death of George Floyd. The world is on edge not only to hear the verdict but what aftermath it might bring to our communities. Racial tensions are at an all-time high and there are people on the extremes of both the left and the right hoping to provoke a race war. As that's going on Wayne is headed for Texas to help a college with an anti-racist initiative. What will it take from the dominant culture to help bring racial equality and healing to a world at conflict?

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  1. So glad you guys talked about CRT. I’ve been wading through material on it and getting a little lost in the weeds. Really good job framing what we all get to do next to be helping our brothers and sisters of color change our culture with out war. ?????

  2. Really tuned into your conversation today and I love how it uncovered some of my own “crud”. Speaking of my crud, a question Arnita posed during an “After-Party” was “How do you steward your white privilege?” The question alone moved me into action. It has raised my awareness to new levels for sure. I am not always comfortable with information that provides new insights. Yet, I am more interested in learning to how to love people than I am looking out for me always being comfortable. Rest and playfulness seems to bring it all into balance.

    Thanks for the link to “The Black Church” on PBS.

  3. I listened and enjoyed the conversation this week. The podcast ends with the question are we heading for a race war? I hope and pray not.

    There was much to agree with. The encouragement to simply engage and listen to the stories of our friends was perfect. We all can do it. Relationships are the path forward.

    I was struck by the story about going target shooting. Something I did as a child. The reaction from Kyle’s friend was telling. Wow.

    Wayne’s call to push back from those dividing and find the “other” is my heart.

    My only pause was the characterization of some of the culture war issues like Critical Race Theory. CRT is not some peripheral topic or issue. It is showing up in schools, corporations, and church communities. And in my opinion, CRT divides not unites. I think we can seek confronting racial inequality without using ideas like CRT.

    I’m looking forward to own my own bias and build bridges. I hope we can find a way together that brings healing.

  4. Thank you for your acknowledgement of racism, Wayne. I think for many white people, racism is associated with something from a bygone era, like lynchings and cross-burnings. But what many fail to realize, is that while some of the more blatant examples of racism are not as prevalent today, much of it just went underground and is often reflected in entrenched attitudes, beliefs, and policies upon which some people act.

  5. I hope we’re finding the language here to invite people into a better conversation about how they view people of different skin color. So many white people see racism as “intent” and don’t see it in themselves that they want to discriminate against others. Many black and brown people see racism as “impact”, not necessarily intent. It’s important to see how our actions impact others whether or not we intend to do harm.

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