Sorry, No New Podcast This Week

For those of you waiting and hoping for a new podcast, regretfully there isn't one coming. I've had some personal needs in my family to attend to over the past week and what few windows I had available to record didn't work out for those I was trying to record with.  The upshot is this, you got the week off!  Or, if you're really dying for one, there are 802 podcasts back there that you can search on the website chronologically, topically, or by a guest we had on. Enjoy your weekend and your journey to be more at rest and at play in the Father's love. Hopefully, we'll be able to find a conversation this week to share with you...


  1. Thank you for letting us know. I will be praying for the personal needs in your family. I was afraid it might have been your Dad.

    Take care and I’ll be standing by for the next one. I never get tired of anything you give us!!!

    Blessings, Georgia

  2. That’s ok Wayne.. It’s good you don’t feel obligated to have a podcast every week.
    I also listen to the Fields Bros show.

    • It’s way more important for me to do a podcast when I have an interesting conversation I think people will want to listen to. Just cramming one in every week has never been my priority. I’m amazed, though, at how many consecutive weeks we’ve done these things. There are an endless set of fascinating conversations to be had out there. I don’t know where this ends. I hope God screams at me to STOP when it’s time because I want to have fascinating conversations right up to my last breath.

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