Normalizing Evil (#804)

How do ordinary people—going about their everyday lives—become complicit actors in systems that perpetuate evil? Wayne's been reflecting on the news coverage about the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 and how so many so-called normal people got caught up in the violence and the cover-up so that no one was charged and no restitution was offered for those who suffered. We see it often in human history, even in churches and families where people perpetuate lies without regard for the people or relationships they are destroying. They discuss two fruits of God's transformation in us that battle against the normalizing of evil in our journey—empathy and humility.

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The Banality of Evil by Jack Maden
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    Someone claims survivors and descendants were payed amounts of $100,000, but I cannot find anything to confirm or deny.

    Also, research “Red Summer 1919.” There are dozens of others, even prior to the Civil War and some in the 1940s. This one, by Philly police, happened in 1985. The some of the children’s bones were found in a museum and used by Ivy League professors:

    We have to repent as a nation and ask the Father for forgiveness.

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