The God Journey on Hiatus

We're sorry that we have no new podcast for you today, and probably won't have another for a few weeks. Wayne is taking some time away from his regular schedule to deal with some unforeseen circumstances. We apologize for this just as we were starting a new Transformation series but some more important priorities have unavoidably shifted for Wayne. At some point, however, Wayne and Kyle will return to continue that series as well as other episodes as soon as we are able. We apologize for this inconvenience. There are 844 podcasts back there to listen and re-listen to if you want some encouragement.


  1. Appreciate you letting us know, Wayne. Also praying for you as you navigate unforseen events. Looking forward to when the series can be continued. Blessings Sue

  2. Can’t wait til you guys are back on! Praying for you, Wayne! I’ve already been working backwards on the podcasts since finding you guys over the last couple months. I’ll continue to listen to older podcasts during this wait. Thanks for the lifeline that you guys are. I’m so grateful God has used you the way he has in my life lately.

  3. Take care Wayne, will be praying and holding you and Sarah and the family before Father.

  4. Praying all is well, and either way, that God’s presence is with you and Sarah.

  5. Praying for this next leg of your Life’s Journey. ((((HUGS)))) from GOD & me, Vanita

  6. Ditto on the prayers Wayne! My only comfort when faced with unforeseen circumstances is remembering that they aren’t unforeseen to God:)
    In His Love, Scott

  7. I am sorry to hear about this painful journey but know Father has you. I have myself heard God speak to me through a very specific song at one of my darkest moments. I did embrace it and today I am living out that promise in joy.

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