Insight from the Depths of Pain (#891)

"I love that God never forces, never controls or coerces, never compromises our freedom of will or mind, apart from to share his love." Those are the words of Jenny Rowbory,  an amazing young woman and poet who has been seasoned through some of life's most horrific circumstances. In response to The Vulnerability of God podcast, she wrote Wayne a letter to share the insights she has had dealing with a debilitating illness. Her letter is breathtaking, pregnant with insight and musings that few people contemplate. With her permission, Wayne and Kyle process her letter about God's vulnerability to our misunderstanding of love when God doesn't act in the way we think he must. She describes a faith that can set your heart at rest even in inexplicable and terrifying circumstances as she considers what restrains God from doing all the good we'd hope he'd do.

Podcast Notes: