Charismatic Revival Fury (#922)

A significant number of people involved in the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol were spurred on by a group, claiming to be apostles and prophets equipped to take dominion over America's mountain of governance. Furthermore, they thought that God would miraculously restore President Trump to power that day and in doing so launch the Third Great Awakening, a long-hoped-for revival of Charismatic Christians, according to researcher Dr. Matthew D. Taylor.. Kyle and Wayne take a look at the information about these brothers and sisters, their ambitions in the Trump Presidency, and how they hoped "to rule and reign through Donald Trump." How did their pursuit of spiritual authority drive them away from the purity and simplicity of devotion to Jesus? (If you want to comment on this, please do so on the blog or by email (

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  1. Good podcast Wayne and Kyle. I totally agree with you both. I’m afraid I view these people as crypto-fascists. Sad to see otherwise good people going after a man who is frankly, creepy. Far from being a Cyrus, I’d say he would be a good candidate for the Antichrist.
    Here in the UK our experience is a little different from the US. I remember in the 80’s there was talk that ‘we are Joshua’s people and we will take the land for the Lord’. It didn’t happen, of course. We had Power Evangelism and Power Healing and the Toronto Blessing but God didn’t seem to move as people hoped he would. Then John Wimber came to London in the early 90’s prophesying that the ‘Anglo Saxon peoples’ would see revival, which was an unfortunate turn of phrase as it seemed to exclude black and Asian Christians. From that point we can chart a flat lining in the Apostolic movement in this country with the retirement or death of the movement’s leaders and its fragmentation into smaller groups. Today, it is still big but in my view, a spent force.
    However, what’s interesting is that God has still been working in revival but significantly, outside of these groups. We’ve had a lot of migrants over the last 20 years and these people are proving to be very receptive to the gospel. There have also been significant revivals among the prison population and in the Traveller community (gypsies). But the indigenous population remains stubbornly very resistant to the gospel.
    I love that God is moving among the disenfranchised and marginalised peoples away from the hype and clamour. The gospel is for the poor as Jesus said, not the rich and successful. Long may it continue to be so. God bless and keep up the good work.

  2. I didn’t feel like I could fully express my gratitude for this episode on social media. The “movement” spoken of in this episode has almost totally engulfed my spouse and has greatly affected our relationship with one another. At first I tried to “talk some sense” into her, but that resulted in tearing us further apart. I love my wife and decided to take a different approach that would not further separate us, and might even draw us closer together, despite our very different views of reality. I have been focusing on better understanding her views for the past several years, rather than trying to convince her that mine made more sense. That has resulted in some healing of our relationship, but hasn’t changed her commitment to the views of the prophets she follows on the internet. She has expressed her disappointment that I don’t share her view of reality which consumes so much of her thoughts , time and energy. I could not with any integrity pretend that I do share that view. It saddens me that this movement has put such a strain on our relationship. Thank you for your encouragement to continue following Christ and the leading of his Spirit. It brings me joy in this tumultuous time in our culture, particularly in our government and in the Church, but also in the larger world where greed, dominance and violence to achieve those ends is so evident. Praise God, our loving Father.

    • Doug, I’m so sorry this has complicated things with your wife. It’s difficult when someone doubles down so deeply on something their partner has grave concerns over. I know Jesus has a way through this for both of you to reconnect where your love is more important than your agreement about what the so-called prophets are prying. You are not alone in this struggle. This “movement” has divided many families and churches and has cost be valued relationships as well with people very close to me. It’s hard, but what else can we do except stand in the truth as we see it and with love and tenderness invite others into conversations instead of attacking beliefs. Thanks for writing. You’re in my prayers.

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