When Relationships Unravel (#932)

This episode begins with a follow-up question from a listener about love and control, particularly as it affects parenting children. After which, Kyle had some questions for Wayne about his recent series of blogs on the Last Lesson My Father Taught Me, which deals with the unraveling of a deeply-valued relationship to lies, misinformation, and false accusations. Can you maintain a relationship based by ignoring persistent anger and accusations? What happens inside unmerited affection that can deeply transform the human heart, especially if we don't try to save ourselves, but leave the outcome of events in the hands of others, and ultimately to entrust them to Jesus.

Podcast Notes:


  1. Thanks Kyle and Wayne, so helpful to hear about Wayne’s processing of those difficult years with his dad and the redemption that came from it. I am still in a place of despair (occasionally) as I see hardship as so painful. Grateful that as you share your stories of redemption coming out of dark situations, as Bob Prater would say “I can see Father providing the lenses of heaven” and slowly and little by little I can begin to see these events through more life-giving lenses. Blessings, Sue

  2. Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart by Jim and Lynn Jackson is another book I highly recommend of Father God’s amazing grace in parenting. It talks of finding the gift gone awry and affirming their gifts, natural consequences instead of power struggles. It’s beautiful. I’ve read it at least 5x and have gone through their online seminars and parent coaching. It’s been a huge change for us where we enjoy the teenage years…when I heard someone say on the forum of the parenting site that they enjoy the teenage years I was at a point where I thought that seemed impossible in the stage we were at. I cannot recommend this book enough and their parent coaching…if your audience ever asks for another great resource.

    It’s incredible to hear you walking with Jesus in the journeys of unmerited rejection. Thank you for your example.

    • I’ll have to trust some of our parents to read it and let me know, since my book list is already huge. Thanks for the recommendation, though. People are always looking for better resources.

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