The Welfare State of Religion

Back from the Christian retailing show in Florida, Brad and Wayne ruminate on their experiences and end up in a discussion about how we perceive God's generosity. Religion teaches us that we serve a miserly God who must be impressed and cajoled into giving up his goodies. But Jesus and Paul talked about a God of immense generosity. Why the difference? Wayne also shows Brad a picture a listener sent from Australia sent to Wayne. (Click on the photo at left to see a full-size rendering.)


  1. Love the picture! Thanks for the laugh.

    I’ve been enjoying your podcasts for several months. I have to confess I’ve been guilty of that discount-itis mind set — thinking that I can’t afford this or that and hoping some Christian friend would give me their services at a discount. Now that my husband and I own a business, I see things in a new light. We almost went bankrupt from discount fever – we inherited the firm from another Christian businessman, and all his clients were used to discounts and endless extentions on their unpaid bills. We had to decide we believed in the value of the services we provide, and stop feeling guilty about asking people to pay us.

    Now when I receive services from someone else I gladly and enthusiastically pay up. I’m thankful that I have the resources to pay them because I value what they do.

  2. Greetings…I have been listening to your podcast now for about 2 months and have been very encouraged. I found you from reading the Shack. I have also read He Loves Me and So you don’t ….. All those books have been so timely in my life. I am glad to hear He loves me is getting a wider audience….I think it should be shrink wrapped to the Shack:)

    I am a recovering “hoops jumper” I was willing to jump through the hoops to find the deep longings of my heart. I am so thankful that God is faithful and can lead us through hoops and eventually out of the hoops into His arms. He redeemed many of my experiences and taught me so much about myself along this journey. I had to see that I was a willing participant and let the Lord change me and not to be so concerned about changing my enviroment.

    Your message of love is so important to the body of christ. See…I was one of the many people that thought the words Love,Grace and Mercy were code words for compromise. I could not get my mind around how those words did not cause a believer to compromise their”principles”…..that was the problem…I was trying to get my mind around these words and God was trying to get my heart to live these words. In HIs love and mercy to me, He broke me free from these lies that are rooted in fear. I now know that His very nature is love and all things spring from that love. I now longer pray, “Lord be merciful to so and so…but now I can say”thank you lord that your are merciful to so and so. I no longer define mercy as something positve happening in someone lives….but God is at work with His love, mercy and Grace no matter how seemlying good or bad the situation looks.

    Keep on talking….. you are speaking a language that we need to hear and be reminded of….a language of love for the father and from the father.

  3. Hi Guys–What struck me at the end of this podcast was when you talked about God’s funding of our purposes and vision v. God’s funding of His purposes….Right now I am trying to hear God on what His real purpose is for me–what I THINK it is OR is it something else. Any suggestions on HOW to figure that out?

  4. This is years behind when the actual podcast was done. Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated your perspective on God as provider and giver of resources. There are personal financial and career things in my life which God is putting His hands on. Part of my learning from Him is being able to hear your thoughts in this conversation as we look at what Scripture says about God’s attitude towards money and our work…or doing full time a calling which God has to make clear. Letting you know the encouragement this was to trust Him, listen to what He’s calling me to do and then to see Him bring the results out of that. Hooray for freedom and being able to walk away from manipulation!!!!

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